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Tips For Your Fan Letter

When writing to any celebrity to request an autograph, you want to keep many things in mind. Look over this SAMPLE LETTER and read through some AUTOGRAPH REQUEST SUGGESTIONS when writing your own, peronal letter.

You should not simply copy this letter! This is a sample letter you can use to base your letter on.

Remember, there are several places you can send your letter to try and reach Melissa...

Here are a few things to remember when writing to Melissa
(or any other celebrity):
Be Polite
Always be polite when requesting an autograph whether in person or in writing

Be Original
When writing a letter you should try to be original. Using a form letter will read like an autograph hound's request for money.

Make It Personal (for Them and for You)
Tell the celebrity what you admire about him/her. If you can't give them a few compliments you shouldn't be writing to them. This lets the celebrity know that you are not simply an autograph hound and are a legitimate fan. Site their performances, personal encounters, or mention things they have said in interviews.

Be Positive
Nobody like to read negative reviews of themselves, especially when you want something (an autograph) in return. Compliemnt the celebrity enough to let them know you appreciate their work.

Get To The Point
Your letter should never be longer than a page. Celebrities receive tons of mail everyday and don't have time to read 20 page letters.

Ask A Question
It is often a good idea to include a question in your letter. Some celebrities will write a personal note or letter in reply to your questions.

Keep it Neat & Clean
It's up to you whether you hand write your letter or type it. Handwriting may be more personal, but if your handwriting is terrible then you should highly consider typing the letter. If you are helping your children write the letter, make sure they write it. Some celebrities enjoy children's letters the most b/c they are cute, personal and original.

Don't Forget To Ask
Remember to ask for an autograph. Don't expect them to just send you one. This may sound silly, but unless you ask for an autograph, just because you send a picture doesn't mean you'll get it back signed. The majority of fan mail is opened by the celeb's agency. They usually only forward the photos to the celeb if you've asked for a signature (and it's always a good idea to include a SASE).

Use Common Sense
It's a good idea to write your address at the bottom of the letter and/or back.

Make It Easy For Them (and the post office)
Although most celebrities will provide a photo, it's a good idea to send at least an index card just in case they have no photos available at the time. Do not send too many or they will suspect that you simply want autographs to sell. It's your choice if you use an SASE or not. You will probably get better results with one. If you do decide to use one you should send a 10x13 clasp envelope and a self addressed stamped return envelope measuring 9 x 12. You also should write PHOTO - DO NOT BEND on the envelopes so it doesn't get ruined in the mail. If the celebrity you are writing to is overseas you will have to go to the post office and buy 3-5 International Reply Coupons. Make certain to weigh your envelops and all of the contents (paper and index card) before mailing the envelop from home. Otherwise, take the package to the post office and send it from there.

Be Patient
Keep in mind that you may never receive a reply, or your reply may take months to arrive. These are very busy people who do not stay in one place or work on one project for very long. Some celebrities get thousands of letters everyday and can't possibly reply to them all in a month. Wait a few months before sending a second request. More than 2 letters a year is simply desperate.

Be Kind
Also know that you may not receive a legitimate autograph, but an autopen signature, a preprinted photo with signature or a proxy's signature. This is usually the best they can do under the circumstance. Try again.

Don't Be Pushy or Annoying
Never ask for more than two autographs or send too many things to be signed. One photo and a blank index card are usually enough. Some autograph seekers will send registerd mail, which requires a signature from the recipient and extra costs to you, in order to obtain a second signature. Keep in mind that some celebrities have proxies pick up their mail (even if you have their home address) and legal agents who can sign for them. Some celebrities knwo this, and will start to return mail unopened.

Remember Your Goal
Thank the celebrity and .. have fun!

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