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MJH to be in ABC TV movie

I know it feels like it has been ages, but Melissa is back on the scene. Look for her on Rachel Rae's talk show this week as well as other shows (check local listings) to promote her starring role in the upcoming ABC movie "Holiday on Handcuffs."

Real Magic TV will be sitting down with Melissa and her husband tomorrow (December 4, 2007) in NYC for an interview. Fans are invited to send in questions for us to ask the couple.

The show is also planning to have Melissa call a fan or two on the phone during the interview as part of a "Win a Call" segment.

Submit Questions and enter to win Win a Phone Call.

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You can still email me at - especially if you find any broken links, since I'm sure when I moved over 2000 files I might have missed a couple.

Check back for more updates...

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